The 80’s Called, they wan’t their  Tech back. 

Clunky Mortgage LOS

Still using outdated tech? 

In today’s mortgage industry it seems everyone is stuck in the past, fixated on using antiquated, slow and clunky systems to get the job done. (I’m looking at you Point and Encompass) 

Canopy Mortgage -The 80's called & they want their technology back.

Chances are you’ve got a phone in your pocket—or hands—that has more processing power than the room full of computers that were responsible for putting Neil Armstrong on the moon. Let that sink in for a second. Skip forward a little over a decade and you’ve got the monumental leap to the original Nintendo. Nostalgia and classic games notwithstanding, that’s not exactly bleeding edge technology anymore


If we’ve gotten to the point where a watch can monitor your exercise for you, shouldn’t we be expecting more from the software we use to get real work done? 

Neil on Moon-1969                       Nintendo-1985                      Encompass-1997                                                            Box Tech-2012                                      Canopy-2018  

Revolutionizing the Mortgage Industry

One Giant Leap for Mortgage Kind

Honestly, maybe we’re talking less of a giant leap and more of a logical step. It began in 2012 when we created a better way and tested it ourselves at a company called Box Home Loans which grew 1,811% becasue of it! This software has been perfected and released as Canopy for the traditional retail mortgage model. At Canopy Mortgage we created something that feels more like today than, well, the 80s. 

“Combining the best of high tech and ‘high touch’ to make our agents more efficient, while giving our customers exactly what they need at the precise time that they need it”

“Traditionally a loan officer might fund 5-10 loans in a month. A superstar might fund 15. But Box Home agents are funding 60-70″

Look, you deserve better, something seamless with less room for error. Technology to make your job easier and that helps out borrowers as well. We’ve got a rate tracker so borrowers can see the history of rates, get updates daily, and even lock the rate from their phone with the touch of a button. Honestly, you don’t even have to do anything! 

Our all-in-one technology can take an application, do disclosures, and send everything on to underwriting without hopping back and forth between programs—because we all know this is where half of errors come from. Once a borrowers information is in the system the whole process can be managed and tracked with such ease it’s almost impossible to mess up. Oh, and it will save you time. Like a lot.


This stuff is so easy to use you might find yourself missing the days of endlessly answering the same questions over and over to countless borrowers. Because, honestly, it’s all laid out so simply that all even the densest borrower needs to do is take a glance and push a button. 

The 80’s were great. But unless you’ve got some serious Michael J. Fox time travel Delorean secrets stashed away somewhere, it is time to come back to the future. Seriously, let all the neon and the pump-up shoes go. 


Learn more about Canopy Mortgage. We’ve created a better way and we’re changing the world.  Join us!

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